Jan. 1st, 2018

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Goodbye, 2017. Don't let the door hit your ass, etc. etc. etc. My husband and I rang in the new year by drinking and bingeing TV shows. Then we hugged our dogs and gave them cheese, because fireworks are scary. We would've hugged the cats, too - but Quinnie was under the bed, and the ElderCat is mostly deaf. ElderCat could not have cared less, and would've been annoyed had I awakened her for hugs or anything else that wasn't a fistful of treats.

* * *

I didn't get that much more writing done on Cinderwich, what with the holidays and all. I did, however, scare up a proposal for it - and clean up the first five chapters. I sent all that to my agent this afternoon, and we'll see what she says. I've had fun playing with this and I really like it, but I have no idea if it's the kind of thing anybody will want to publish.

I am literally the worst judge of my own material. Some of the projects I've loved the best have been the worst reviewed or least read. I have no idea.

Anyway, here's recent progress on my modern gothic about two lady academics investigating the case of a mystery woman who was murdered and stuffed in a tree forty years ago - with Bonus! lovely ghosts, sinister messages from beyond, creepy small town shenanigans, and a New Southern Weird vibe (as inspired by a true story that happened way the hell elsewhere):

    Project: Cinderwich
    Deadline: None!
    New words written: 5140
    Present total word count: 32,619

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 96,619

* * *

Right. Well. Here we are in the future, and the year is wide open. I've got another couple of projects I'd like to develop, and I will make a concerted effort to do so. Maybe I'll sell a new book or two for publication this year, maybe I won't. I'll definitely have a couple coming out: The Agony House from Scholastic this fall, The Toll from Tor (tbd), and maybe another Wild Cards project, too (also tbd). I keep talking about trying to take a break and get my mojo in order, but apparently I'm kind of shit at that.

Procrastinating, I can do. Taking a break, not so much.

Well, I never promised anybody that the first post of 2018 would make any sense.

In other news,I can't be bothered to do a 2017 recap. I'd just as soon forget it ever happened, with a few notable exceptions. We're settling in to our house in Seattle, we've got happy animals to love, and the world hasn't exploded yet. Knock on wood. So here goes nothing, eh? Good luck, everybody. We're going to need it.


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