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Here's today's progress on my modern gothic about two lady academics investigating the case of a mystery woman who was murdered and stuffed in a tree forty years ago - with Bonus! lovely ghosts, sinister messages from beyond, creepy small town shenanigans, and a New Southern Weird vibe (as inspired by a true story that happened way the hell elsewhere):

    Project: Cinderwich
    Deadline: April 30
    New words written: 1973
    Present total word count: 40,373

    Things accomplished in real life: Took the dogs on their morning jaunt around the neighborhood; went to grocery store (yet again, but it's just around the corner); went through and responded to all necessary queries in the pass proofs for The Agony House; received/read through/rejoiced re: the last round of edits for The Toll [or so it is to be hoped].

    Things accomplished in fiction: Went looking for an unmarked grave in an abandoned cemetery. Get your stamping pens ready, because that one's on your Gothic Cliche Bingo Card.

    Other: Over the weekend, the weather was nice so I got started on a little bit of spring yard work. At least the patio area now looks like civilized people are taking care of it, as opposed to a couple of slackers who just let everything die and then get dug up by a pair of dogs. Ahem. Next weekend [maybe]...the back yard, which will be quite the undertaking. It's actually pretty big, and it's a wreck. [We don't have a front yard, per se.]

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 10,973

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