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Here's today's progress on my comedic murder mystery about an inconsistently clairvoyant travel agent who prevents a Seattle detective from participating in a plane crash - and together, they fight crime! Now with Bonus karaoke parlor tricks, a snarky best friend in a cast, and a fish named Brutus:

    Project: Far-Fetched
    Deadline: September 8
    New words written: 2169
    Present total word count: 13,176

    Things accomplished in real life: Walked the dogs; went grocery shopping; watered all the things (the yard is positively tragic right now); fielded some emails; dealt with pest control gent for our routine anti-ant spritz-down; grabbed lunch even though I had food at home because I am the literal worst but I was hungry and it's hot and I didn't want to cook.

    Things accomplished in fiction: Negotiated meet-up for unofficial police business that everyone is prepared to lie about, if confronted; went to a vintage Vegas-themed bar on CapHill called "Castaways" for a little clairsentience practice on the karaoke stage; drowned some sorrows; other sorrows invested in life jackets and made a nuisance of themselves.

    Other: Finally got a real toe-hold in this one, and I'll do my best to keep up the momentum. Present goal is at least 1000 words a day - many more if possible - regardless of whatever else is going on. I've been sitting on this project for about four years, so it's had plenty of time to gel in my head; let's hope it finds its way out in a timely and relatively painless fashion. I'm setting the deadline for this first draft at my dad's birthday, September 8. Arbitrary? Yes. But for real, I work better with fixed goals. So here goes.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 38,084

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