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Here's recent progress on my comedic murder mystery about an inconsistently clairvoyant travel agent who prevents a Seattle detective from participating in a plane crash - and together, they fight crime! Now with Bonus karaoke parlor tricks, a snarky best friend in a cast, and a fish named Brutus:

    Project: Far-Fetched
    Deadline: September 8
    New words written: 6729
    Present total word count: 25,047

    Things accomplished in real life: Walked the dogs; talked the vet out of some med refills; went to grocery store; went to liquor store; hung with and/or played tour guide for my brother - who came into town for a few days; cleaned whole house; did a bunch of laundry after brother left.

    Things accomplished in fiction: was semi-useful at cold case crime scene, at least until the good-bye handshake - when our heroine had a psychic flash that [gasp!] suggested the Nice Cop Dude was somehow connected to the murder of her fiance 4 years earlier; cop went home and tried to unpack events, was counseled by teenage daughter of dubious helpfulness; heroine went home and cried on the phone to her best friend.

    Other: Not a terrible multi-day total, but I didn't get any work done while my brother was visiting. Still averaged *almost* a thousand words a day, so I can't complain. I'm almost caught up! Sort of. And hey, I cracked 25k, so that's nice. Almost a third of the way through the draft, huzzah!

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 49,952

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