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Before I get to the word metrics, don't forget - Seattle-area folks: This Friday evening (9/21) I'll be at the University Book Store in the U-district with Shaun Hutchinson at 7:00! Come out and see us, and see the previous blog post for details, instructions, and so forth. We'd love to meet you there :)

* * *

Here's recent progress on my comedic murder mystery about an inconsistently clairvoyant travel agent who prevents a Seattle detective from participating in a plane crash - and together, they fight crime! Now with Bonus karaoke parlor tricks, a snarky best friend in a cast, and a fish named Brutus:

    Project: Far-Fetched
    Deadline: October 1, 2018
    New words written: 11,631
    Present total word count: 61,960

    Things accomplished in real life: Well, it's been another few days since I posted - but in my slight defense, I'm keeping pace with my "1000 words a day, bare minimum" even though more production stuff on other projects has landed in my lap and eaten more of my time. Heck, today alone was a 5100 word day (which is *really* good for me). Real life has been housework, and a sick husband, and yet more audiobook work, and so forth, and so on. But I'm still getting it done, goddammit.

    Bonus Things accomplished in real life: I know I said I was "done" with the audiobook tweaks and so forth, but I turned out to be wrong. Another dump of auditions to review landed and ate up some time, and then - because why not, right? - the copyedits for The Toll hit my inbox. I haven't started those yet. They're not due until 10/8 and I'm just...pretending they don't exist until the end of this month. Yes I can do them in a week. No it won't be a problem. One thing at a time, yanno?

    Return of Bonus Things: Tomorrow I have a hair appointment eating up much of the afternoon; Thursday is housework + lunch with a friend; Friday is the reading/signing at U-Books; but I WILL keep cranking out the words, you just watch me.

    Things accomplished in fiction: Interviewed our final witness/suspect at the downtown library, and got a little bit more information - then got a phone call that Bad Things were going down at the home of another witness (previously visited) and now we're en route to that fine gentleperson's home, where a break-in has occurred.

    Number of fiction words so far this year: 86,795
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